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Conference on Digital Transformation 25 May 2024

All of manufacturing, including process, discrete, and hybrid industries are today actively adopting digital transformative practices.  Digital transformation of processes also underpins non-manufacturing domains such as in transportation, supply chain, retail, and every aspect of project execution.

This Conference will highlight the evolving technologies that defines digital transformation in manufacturing industries through presentation of use-case studies.  Speakers from products and solution providers, who are well placed to present such use-case studies will form the crux of the speakers in this one-day workshop in Bengaluru on May 25, 2024.

ISA Bangalore Section, Digital Transformation workshop will be dealt with in three or four sessions.  Technology trends, IIOT, AI/ML, and Cybersecurity in manufacturing industries will constitute the crux of the forum.   

Industry representatives from across industry verticals seeking insights into productivity and efficiency improvements from start-up companies, MSMEs, OEMs, System Integrators, and research organizations will benefit from this workshop. 

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